A New Tee Just Joined the Family! Posted on 17 Sep 12:14

Please say hello to Dark Contrast... Stark Contrast's little brother :)

Quite frankly two people have asked me for this variant so far... so I thought, what the heck! I'll add it!

Check it out in the catalog! ... and then proceed to buy it ;)

Now in all seriousness, the 2001 Fine Jersey stuff is really high quality. Frankly all of these shirts have been high quality. I've worn and washed them over and over for more than a year now and they've really stood the test of time. So I do recommend grabbing one if you're on the fence.



-- Baktash

Finally .... Posted on 27 Feb 18:05

.... some relief in the exchange rate!

This means I've been able to the cut the prices... FINALLY!

And this means that this is your chance to get our t-shirts at a discount! :)

Do it before, USD to CAD goes high again! :P

Price changes Posted on 26 Jul 10:04


so today I managed to change the prices a bit in order to reflect the reality of what is happening in the economy... which is not by any means nice. Our suppliers are in the States, and therefore we pay for the preparation and shipping of our apparel with US dollars. With the Loonie being in the shape that it is... the prices had to be adjusted so that we can get some meaningful support from the sales of our items. Thankfully, it seems that shipping prices have dropped with our suppliers... which offset the majority of the increase in the garment prices. So no net effect for you wonderful folk :)! But I hope this economy turns around sooner rather than later as these trends are nothing to be happy about and proud of.


Cheers everyone,


First Post Posted on 08 May 19:59

After months of research/pondering and weeks of tweaking, this damn store is finally out in the wild!

What a relief!

It's hard enough making money to keep this company alive and coding to keep its tech up-to-date... but pondering on the looks and feel of this damn place along with tweaking its products took quite the bite out of my time. Anyhow, I'm thrilled to know that someone is reading this (you probably are right?), but be a champion and show your support by buying our merchandise. You'll be doing us both a favor. I'll quit rambling and you'll have a cool T-Shirt.

In any case, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Yours truly,
- Baktash